This is a project that we did for a competition conducted by Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in the year 2015. It was a team of 3 people. I took care of the hardware part of the whole controller. 
The objective of the competition was to build a fire shooter plane game where the player needs to move the plane left-right and shoot at incoming block objects. The controller must not use pre-made boards like Arduino. The teams with most interesting features and most efficient implementation wins.
I built a 8x8 LED matrix with SMD LEDs and shift registers. I also designed and printed the PCB at home (just for the fun of it. why not)! The controller is based on Atmega 328. We used accelerometer to move the plane left and right and a joy stick to shoot objects. The players can even choose to just use the joystick to move the plane too. The game has different levels and it gets harder and harder when players sustain for a long time. The LCD displays time, game level, lives left, etc. to the player. It also includes audio which responds to the actions of the player and the game.
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