I have been undergoing professional and intense violin training in Indian Classical Carnatic music since age of 4. Trained under the guidance of Sangeeta Kalanidhi, Padmashri. Kanyakumari Avasarala, I have performed in 2000+ concerts across the world.
I have participated in numerous music competitions and has bagged winning prizes since childhood. I am an All India Radio (AIR) "B high" artist. AIR has over 20 million listeners across India.
I am also a session musician, who has recorded for prominent composers. I have featured in more than 200 feature films and albums. I have been collaborating with various artists, bands and orchestras in India and across the world. I have also composed, arranged, produced, programmed and mixed for various independent and commercial productions.
Apart from the Carnatic classical genre, I play the Western classical, Jazz, Melo-rock, Country, Blues, Irish, Arabic/Persian, Hindustani. I have the thirst to try and experiment different styles and genres. Being an electronics engineer, I have incorporated techniques; created my own versatility and uniqueness in both playing and the tones. These made my music unique and top the charts.
I am active self-learner and love collecting instruments. This enables me to learn and play a lot of rare instruments such as the Duduk, Musical Saw, dan K’ni. I have been modifying and creating new instruments as well. I am the first to use a Talk-box in Indian Classical music to make the violin sing with lyrics!
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